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Dr. Ogi Ogas' Dark Gift

Latest update:  Consciousness: How It's Made: Chapter 7: The Liberating (& Deceiving) Power of THINGS

Escape your tribe a while! This site is non-partisan and apolitical.

I write weekly about autism on Substack, including neuroscience lessons on how autism works in the brain and a memoir on growing up with the dark gift.


Here's the place to start the lessons:

An Overview of How Autism is Made in the Brain

A gentle, friendly explanation of how autism is created in the brain and its basic operation.

And the place to start reading the memoir:

Born Autistic: The Intruder


Consciousness unmasked at last: this book explains in plain and easy prose how physical activity in your cranial jukebox generates the magical psychic experience of awareness. You don't need a science or math background to understand consciousness, but you will need curiosity, spirit, and openness to a revolution in your worldview.

this is what it sounds like_DJ__5_transp.png

This is What It Sounds Like explains why you fall in love with the music of you, using cutting-edge neuroscience and the platinum-record experience of music-making pioneer Dr. Susan Rogers.

Journey of the Mind takes readers on a cosmic odyssey that reveals for the first time how and why consciousness emerged out of chaos.


If you want to understand human sexuality and especially what truly turns on men and women, read the most comprehensive investigation into erotic desire ever published in science. An enthralling, fast-moving exploration of the sexual behavior of over a billion Homo sapiens.


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