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  • What books do you have for sale right now and what books are upcoming?
    As of May 20, 2024, here are my current books for sale, their status, and price: Consciousness: How It’s Made: A Super-Simple Explanation for Everyone Published through Chapter 7: The Liberating (& Deceiving) Power of Things AMAZON ● APPLE ● GOOGLE.PLAY $3.99 Journey of the Mind: How Thinking Emerged From Chaos Published in full. AMAZON ● APPLE ● GOOGLE.PLAY $9.99 This is What It Sounds Like: What the Music You Love Says About You Published in full. AMAZON ● APPLE ● GOOGLE.PLAY $9.99
  • Are you getting paid to promote anything? What are your politics? "The Dark Gift is a place to escape your tribe a while."
    I'm no activist nor pitchman. I am only interested in sharing wondrous things directly with you. I'm here to share what I've learned and experienced, not to peddle products. I only make money from sales of my books. The best way to support me is to buy one of my books! :) On the Dark Gift you will never find: - Third-party advertisements or promotions. I'm not going to ask you to watch any commercials or click on any ads. - Recommendations sponsored by third parties. Any endorsement or recommendation is my own opinion, though I don't expect to do so very often. - Partisan or political promotions. I am deeply non-partisan when it comes to human politics. You won't find political talk of Democrats or Republicans or overseas wars here. The Dark Gift is a place you can escape your tribe a while. Here we reach for higher perspective. - Any corporate sponsorships or affiliations. - Any academic sponsorships or affiliations. - Anything connected to crypto. I am intentionally avoiding all social entanglements in order to strive for a purity of contact with you.
  • What is the Dark Gift?
    The Dark Gift is my website. Devoted to helping you explore reality and to ascend to joy, love, and contact. The "dark gift" is my term for autism. Autism comes with plenty of darkness, in the form of chronic social fails. But it also comes with gifts. Extraordinary gifts that are often undiscussed. The Dark Gift site is devoted to helping autistic folks learn about their minds and discover how to lead a more fulfilling existence. But the Dark Gift hopes to do the same for everyone: to help you understand the hidden design of your mind so that you can blaze a trail to greater wisdom, compassion, insight, and resilience. The Dark Gift is filled with science, including plenty of science you've never heard of before. The Dark Gift also sojourns with literature, art, math, psychiatry, music, love, evolution, and especially extraterrestrials. But if I had to identify one central theme it's that it's all connected. That's what I most want to show you here on the Dark Gift. That science, art, and math are all comprised of the same fundamental dynamics. That the universe was designed--yes, designed--by minds like ours for minds like ours. We're supposed to be here, and we've inherited a cosmic task. A cosmic purpose. And that cosmic purpose bequeathed to humankind is what I most want to explore with you, pilgrim....
  • I bought CONSCIOUSNESS on Kindle, Apple, or Google Play. How come I am not getting the new chapters? Why aren't I automatically getting the updates?
    KINDLE INSTRUCTIONS FOR UPDATING BOOK You should receive a "download update?" request when you log in to Kindle that will allow you to download any new chapters. But if not, if you go to Manage Your Content and Devices on Amazon: It should list all your Kindle ebooks. Find LARGE GODS (or AUTISM) and there will be an UPLOAD button next to it. Press it! :) APPLE INSTRUCTIONS FOR UPDATING BOOK Open Apple Books. DESKTOP: Click on your ICON, which should be next to your name in the bottom left IPHONE/IPAD: Click on the head-and-shoulders icon on the top right. Then click on UPDATES. GOOGLE PLAY INSTRUCTIONS FOR UPDATING BOOK I believe it all happens automatically and effortlessly, but I'm working it out right now... (Oct 3, 2023)
  • What's the latest Dark Gift update as of today, June 17, 2024?
    June 17, 2024: I posted a new article on my Dark Gift blog: Memoir Part 6: Autistic Drift. Awander in the world, looking for a new place to study reality June 17, 2024: I posted a new article on my Dark Gift blog: Lesson 6: The Attention Dilemma. How the human brain manages attention—and why autism is ultimately an attention disorder. June 9, 2024: I posted a new article on my Dark Gift blog: Lesson 5: The Ladder of Purpose. Which layer--or layers!--of thinking does autism disrupt? June 9, 2024: I posted a new article on my Dark Gift blog: Memoir Part 5: Commitment. Autism can land you in the madhouse. I posted a new article on my Dark Gift blog: How Autism Works: Lesson 1: The Dynamic Mind I posted a new article on my Dark Gift blog: Getting Control of Your Autism: Tagging Your Deficits: A basic technique for learning about your autistic brain and dark gift. I uploaded Chapter 7: The Liberating (& Deceiving) Power of THINGS: The Recognition Dilemma of Consciousness: How It's Made on Kindle, Apple, and Google Play. I posted a new article on my Dark Gift blog: A Childhood with Autism Part II: A Labyrinth Just for Me where I share autistic moments from childhood. I posted a new article on my Dark Gift blog: A Childhood with Autism Part I: The Intruder where I share autistic moments from early childhood. I posted a new blog series: Autism: How It's Made. A Blog About Living the Good Life with the Dark Gift, where I explain how autism is made and how to live a life of peace, joy, fulfillment, and connection with autism. I uploaded Chapter 6: THE THREE DILEMMAS OF MONKEY MIND of Consciousness: How It's Made on Kindle, Apple, and Google Play.
  • Do you have an author account on Goodreads?
  • I've heard you say that Stephen Grossberg is the greatest scientist alive because he worked out all the mathematics of the brain. I tried reading his work but found it impenetrable!
    Yes, the mathematics of the mind is more difficult than the math of quantum physics and the math of relativity combined. And it's true that Dr. Grossberg prioritized new discoveries over polishing his public communication skills. Even veteran scientists find his magnum opus Conscious Mind, Resonant Brain to be exceedingly challenging. Impossibly challenging, in many cases. That's one reason that Sai Gaddam and I wrote Journey of the Mind. We intended it to be the first accessible introduction to Steve's work. I'm also working on a more practical introduction to Steve's work for scientists, one that will help practicing mindscientists, clinicians, and scholars learn what his models are all about and why they represent the greatest scientific advancement since Isaac Newton's Principia Mathematica.
  • Are you looking for help?
    I love to collaborate and mentor. I'm always open to help from folks who want to read and edit drafts; create infographics, illustrations, or website design; create music and sounds; and learn about minds, autism, science, writing, and reality. If you are an undergraduate or graduate student and want to work on a book with me, please don't hesitate to reach out. You can see the books I'm working on or planning in the FAQ above. I'm happy to teach you nonfiction writing (and selling), mathematical neuroscience and how consciousness works, how autism works, Steve Grossberg's science, or anything else, as part of the collaboration.
  • Why are your videos color-coded?
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