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The Dark Gift Blog

The DARK GIFT substack blog is a collection of articles and stories about living the good life with autism. The blog explains how autism works in the brain (physically, mentally, emotionally) and how to use this knowledge to live a life of peace, joy, fulfillment, and connection.

May 10, 2024: Blog #1

Autism: How It's Made

A Blog About Living the Good Life with The Dark Gift

An introduction to a new and cutting-edge conception of autism, one that empowers those of us with autism to live a life of freedom and connection.

May 15, 2024: Blog #2

An Overview of How Autism is Made in the Brain

A clear, accessible, friendly explanation of how autism is created in the brain and how it works.

May 15, 2024: Blog #3

A Childhood with Autism Part I: The Intruder

Growing up with the Dark Gift. Moments from early childhood.

May 19, 2024: Blog #4

A Childhood with Autism Part II: A Labyrinth Just for Me

Growing up with the Dark Gift. Moments from youth.

Autism Podcasts

My appearance with the wonderful Andrew and Eileen on Adulting on the Spectrum. I talk about how I had to win money on the game show WHO WANTS TO BE A MILLIONAIRE because I couldn't hold down a regular job!

Autism Stories podcast with Ogi Ogas

My appearance with the generous and gentle Doug Blecher of Autism Personal Coach.

May 23, 2024: Blog #5

Getting Control of Your Autism: Tagging Your Deficits

A basic technique for learning about your autistic brain and dark gift

May 27, 2024: Blog #6

How Autism Is Made: Lesson 1: The Dynamic Mind
The Mind is an Action Noun test

May 27, 2024: Blog #7

A Childhood with Autism: Part III: Adolescent Identity

I was a teenage autist

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