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I open up about my new book Autism: How It's Made: A Memoir of Life with the Dark Gift.

Treating Autism

Step One in my video series on treating your autism: Tagging Your Dynamics. A way to explore and manage your dark gift.

I discuss some of the biggest misconceptions about autism--very different than what you've heard before--as well as autism's greatest secrets.

Lessons on How Autism Works

I share Lesson 1 from Autism: How It's Made: STUFF vs. Action.

I share Lesson 2 from Autism: How It's Made: The Ladder of Purpose.

Lesson Three explores the Attention Dilemma and explains why it is relevant for understanding autism.

Lesson Four explores the Consciousness Cartel and reveals why malfunctioning consciousness activity in our brain is responsible for autism.

I open up about some early signs from my childhood that I had the dark gift.

My appearance with the wonderful Andrew and Eileen on Adulting on the Spectrum. I talk about how I had to win money on the game show WHO WANTS TO BE A MILLIONAIRE because I couldn't hold a regular job!

Autism Stories podcast with Ogi Ogas

I discuss when my autistic special interest first manifested.

My appearance with the generous and gentle Doug Blecher of Autism Personal Coach.

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